‘Anomaly: Warzone Earth’ Game Review
By now most everyone is sick of Tower Defense games. They seem the go-to genre for smaller developers and we’ve been inundated with subpar entries, perhaps because it’s easy to think of a new gimmick or theme for them and slap right on. In my mind nothing much has bested Desktop Tower Defense, the o…
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Game Review
This is not the Resident Evil you were expecting. Capcom decided to take a detour before the sixth installment of their survival horror series to bring some squad-based multiplayer to the zombie-infested property. To do so they enlisted the help of developer Slant Six Games, the team…
‘Kid Icarus: Uprising’ Game Review
Word has it that Nintendo only went with Kid Icarus: Uprising as the subtitle for its new Kid Icarus 3DS game only after ‘Wristbreaker,’ ‘Carpal Tunnel Provider’ and ‘What the Eff is Up With These Controls?’ options didn’t test well in focus groups.
‘Angry Birds Space’ Review
Developer Rovio has spared no expense promoting the latest iteration of their billion dollar franchise since announcing Angry Birds Space last month. An aggressive marketing campaign, involving big names you don’t usually associate with video games (such as NASA and National Geographic), promi…
‘I Am Alive’ Game Review
I’m about halfway through a dark subway tunnel when I realize I’ve been here before. I had ended up back in the dark, dirty depths after nearly being asphyxiated in the dust storm currently raging outside, one of the many dangerous things in this new, post-apocalyptic world. I haven’t been in the ci…
‘Mass Effect Infiltrator’ Game Review for iPhone
In the likely event you’re not like us and don’t have the time to invest hours (and we mean solid hours) of your life into killing as many aliens as you can muster in ‘Mass Effect 3’, you might want to take a gander at ‘Mass Effect Infiltrator.’
‘MLB 12: The Show’ Game Review
Like a grizzled veteran who rocks a shelf full of MVP trophies and is unthreatened by any up-and-comers on the farm system, ‘MLB 12: The Show‘ no longer has the eye of the tiger. Instead, it just coasts, does the awesome things you expect it to do and calls it a day.

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