Kim Kardashian Believes Her Nude Photos Are Art
If you have been living under a rock for the past week, Kim Kardashian's booty took over the internet and scared children everywhere. Even though you might hate Kim K, you can't deny that you saw those scandalous photos for Paper Magazine. Love them, or hate them, Kim believes these photos…
Gabriel Iglesias’ Hilarious Response To His Death Hoax
On November 1st, some news station released a report saying Gabriel Iglesias was found dead, but they couldn't confirm it. Of course, social media went crazy, assuming this report was real. Gabriel took to social media to address this really awkward situation.
Hot Mom! Monster’s Hiney Of The Week
Check out today's Monster's Hiney of the week, I think that once you see this lovely hiney, you're gonna be very jealous of the person who took the picture.  I know I was.

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