Watch QB Matt Scott Puke Then Throw A Touchdown
Matt Scott is the 4th QB on the depth chart for the Cincinnati Bengals and last year he spent last season on the Jaguars' practice squad, so that means that he doesn't have a ton of pro action under his belt. But he does have a thing about barfing during games.
Get Ready — NFL Training Camp Starts Soon
If you're like me, you can't wait for the football season to begin. Well thankfully, the wait is almost over. We are under 50 days away from the start of the NFL regular season which means that NFL training camps begin very soon. How soon? Sooner than you think.
Toy Review: 1991’s NFL SuperPro Bend-Em
Every weekend here at CA we’re cracking open the latest and/or just greatest decades old action figures around to see what sets them apart from the articulated plastic pack. This week we’re unboxing a vintage 1991 NFL SuperPro Bend-Em from Justoys, which brings one of Marvel Comics' most amazing/hor…
NFL Combine Wrap-Up – Who Nailed It and Who Failed It
The 2014 NFL Scouting Combine has come and gone and now it’s time to rip apart those draft hopefuls. All kidding aside, depending on who you believe, the combine either solidifies a prospect's stance with a team or raises concerns.
In honor of the Sochi Olympics we’re giving out gold…
NFL Prospect Michael Sam Proudly Announces He Is Gay
Michael Sam, Missouri's All-American defensive lineman, has publicly announce he is gay, before he enters the NFL draft. He will be the first publicly gay pro-football player in the NFL and plenty of players are supporting him. Sam will enter a league of overtly macho culture and plenty of cont…

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