(AUDIO) What’s The Difference?!?
What's the difference between The Super Bowl and the Miss America Pageant?
See if you can guess correctly and play along!
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(AUDIO) Nostradumbass: Super Bowl Re-Cap Edition
It seemed like all of his feats of pre-cognition had a theme today...The Super Bowl!
Listen as the Great Nostradumbass once again amazes us with his uncanny psychic abilities.
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Place Your Bets On Super Bowl 47!
By now you know that the Super Bowl is one the most heavily betting sporting events of the year. It seems that every year the prop bets get crazier and crazier. Don't get me wrong, you still have your traditional bets like who's gonna win the game and who's gonna be the MVP.
“What’s the Difference?” (AUDIO)
This is a fun game to play along: I will give you two seemingly similar things. See if you can spot the difference!
What's the difference between an NHL game and your High School reunion?
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