mayors race

(AUDIO) Mayoral Candidate Dean “Dino” Martinez
Our interview today was with the mayoral candidate that we knew the least about. The El Paso Times has virtually no information about him.
The audio is on the next page and you can hear as Mr. Martinez tells us what he think the current administration has done wrong and explains why he didn't at…
Mayor’s Race- Gus Haddad
Our first candidate interview on Tuesday was with Gus Haddad, a local businessman and member of one of El Paso's most prominent families.
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Mayor’s Race – Steve Ortega Interview on KLAQ Morning Show
Our next mayoral candidate on Tuesday was City Representative Steve Ortega. Steve started the race as the front-runner, and may still be. But he talks about his record on the city council and how it feels being the main target for the other candidates.
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(AUDIO) Mayors Race-Oscar Leeser
Our next mayoral candidate interview was with local businessman and Sun Bowl sponsor Oscar Leeser.
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