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KLAQ’s Top 5 @ 5- October 26th, 2012
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Eddie Van Halen Donates 75 Guitars to School Music Programs
Being in the school band just got a whole lot cooler for some of the kids in the Los Angeles area: Eddie Van Halen has teamed up with the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to donate 75 guitars from his personal collection to schools that don’t have enough funding to pay for instruments. For Van Halen, i…
Van Halen Announce Tour Dates!
It's really happening!  The new Van Halen CD is done, tour dates are set and, all over the country, promoters are throwing away brown M n M's!!
Own Eddie’s Famous Axes!
If you're a big Van Halen fan, heck even if you're not, you know these guitars.
Some of the most distinctive "Frankenstein" guitars can now be yours...in mini-form!
These miniature guitars are stunning pieces of rock and roll history...