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Duff McKagan’s Advise To Band Survival
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Duff McKagan Recalls Guns N’ Roses Bidding War
On Monday, March 26, it’ll have been 26 years since Guns N’ Roses signed with Geffen Records for a reported advance of $75,000 amid a fierce bidding war with other labels over their talents. The band obviously went on to become legendary and has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction looming next …
Duff McKagan Performs ‘You Could Be Mine’ With Guns N’ Roses
At last night’s Guns N’ Roses show (Dec. 16) at the Key Arena in Seattle, ex-GN’R bassist Duff McKagan hopped on stage to perform with his former band and its current lineup. Fans were likely expecting such a cameo, since McKagan’s band Loaded opened for GN’R and will do so again tonight (Dec. 17) a…

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