Senior Citizens Take on College Seniors in Drinking Games
We learn plenty of life lessons from our elders, but the most important lesson might just be how to dominate drinking games. In a epic battle between college seniors and senior citizens, we see how four young whippersnappers still need to learn a few more skills.
25 Most Dangerous US College Campuses
*Editor's note: According to StartClass, there was a significant error in their calculations resulting in an incorrect list of the 25 most dangerous college campuses. As a result, we have removed the list below.
Here was the original statement from StartClass regarding their mistake:
Note: We identif…
UTEP to Host Baja Buggy Race
After 16 years, UTEP will be hosting the first Baja Society of Automotive Engineering competition of 2014! They have hosted other SAE events but now UTEP gets to be wild and crazy with off-road vehicles.

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