Justin Bieber Releases Video of Racist Parody
This is awkward. After releasing an apology two days ago for a video showing Justin Bieber telling a racist joke and using the N-word, another video has been unearthed. Funny this is TMZ claims Bieber wanted to release it.
Celebrity Etiquette 101 – Meeting Rock Stars the Right Way
There are some things celebrities would love for you to know, but they don't tell you. Should They? Probably. Will they? Probably not.
Until now. Alex Skolnick, lead shred beast from Testament and the Alex Skolnick Trio wrote a piece yesterday that could help everyone out when it comes to meeting you…
Can You Guess the Celebrity Cleavage?
Today’s celebrity cleavage belongs to a 19-year-old singer and actress whose barely legal and delectable rack has been rumored to cause pocket pool tendencies and rosy palms in men ages ten to dead.

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