Ten Weird Things Schools Have Banned
Most high schools ban typical things like gang related clothing, weapons or unnatural colored hair but these are just weird. Even the reasons for banning things like lip balm, yoga pants and cake are even weirder. I think if El Paso schools tried taking hot cheetos away, heads would roll!
Ronson “BANNED” From FB
I want to thank everyone for rockin with me in 2011 and I promise we will get louder and stupider in the coming year. I am banned from FB for another 2 weeks so don't be offended when I don't acknowledge your post on my FB page.
Keep e-mailing me your El Paso Boobs of the day sronson@k…
Facebook Sucks, How Do I Get Ahold Of Them?
I have been banned for 30 days from posting on my facebook page because I posted the cover of the new playboy with Lindsay Lohan on it. If you have seen this cover, It shows no nudity. I need to get ahold of these stupid people but I can't figure out how to...