A Syrian refugee's random act of kindness was caught on camera, and the moment has now gone viral.

A Texas jewelry store worker left a woman stunned and in tears after his random act of kindness to help her. Security camera footage of the store caught the act and has now garnered over 10 million views.

The man who only wants to be known as Noah, was approached by a woman attempting to sell an important piece of gold jewelry given to her by her mother. Noah said the woman was visibly distraught saying she "looked sad and there were tears in her eyes."

The woman told Noah she was broke and needed money to pay bills. Noah asked how much she wanted to sell it for, and reached into his own pocket to give her the exact amount she needed. He also gave her back her piece of jewelry.

The woman was stunned and embraced Noah with tears in her eyes. Noah also told the woman, "write down my number, if you need anything. Don’t go anywhere else, I will buy it if you want to sell it again.” Noah also told the local CBS news station that if he had her number, he would call her to check on her and see if she needed more money.

It's not surprising to see the way Noah treated the random woman. He has seen that kind of generosity first-hand. Noah and his family are from war-torn Syria and are refugees seeking asylum in the United States. They escaped the Syrian civil war two years ago. Noah sent the video to a friend back home, who then uploaded the video without his knowledge. Since then, the video has gone viral.

When asked about his random act of kindness, Noah says he was merely was trying to help someone in need. He also said he feels better for doing it, which is "better than a lot of money."