Heads up bikers.  Today is your day!

I was out at Viva Powersports yesterday and I saw some sweeeeet machines.  Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Victory ... and Harleys!!

They also have a truckload of Suzukis out there just for you to ride!  From now til 6 you can pick from 14 different models and go for a FREE test spin!  Cruisers, dual sports and sport bikes ... they're all there.

(Bring proper riding gear and your driver license. WITH a motorcycle endorsement!)

You can even test ride a hayabusa. The worlds fastest production sports bike!  Check it out, this thing is a MONSTER!  (Watch the speedo ... those are mph, not kph!)

It's a perfect day for riding, overcast and nice and cool. Go getcha' some!

Any questions, call Viva Powersports at 834-2305. Better yet, go see them at Montana and Magruder.

This ride deal is TODAY (9/8/12) ONLY from 9-6!