Watch the videos, listen to his voice and let us know!

We all know Sublime just came on tour with their new lead singer, Northern Cali native Rome Ramirez, to Speaking Rock with Cypress Hill, Pepper, and HB Surround Sound. I was also there at the concert and heard firsthand the new sounds of Sublime. I found the crowds reaction to be pretty mixed. Some people loved it, others hated it. No matter what, it felt like being in a time warp watching Sublime on the stage after all these years.
Original drummer for Sublime Bud Gaugh did come out saying how he left the band because he did not feel comfortable playing the original Sublime songs under the name Sublime and without Bradley with him.
So here are some videos of Rome performing and let me know what you think. Are you a fan of the new sound of Sublime? Or do you find it blasphemous for them to be using the name Sublime and performing Brad's songs without him.
Personally, I like it. I don't think Rome is trying to be Bradley and he is bringing his own unique flavor into the legacy of Sublime. Also, doing the collaboration with Wiz Khalifa is bringing the music to the present time. This isn't something we would have seen from previous Sublime, unless the tour buses for Sublime and Ice-T on Warped Tour had a studio back in the day.