Pictured at left is Isaac Redman. Mr. Redman is a very gifted running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football franchise.

I do not know what team rule he broke or which team executive's wife he had sex with that warranted him being chosen as the first to wear the new Steeler throw-back uniform. I do know that Mr. Redman could not be more humiliated if the new uniforms had consisted of a taffeta tutu and an "I Have Beiber Fever" tee shirt.

This looks like what they should have made Ben Roethlisberger wear as punishment for raping waitresses in the off-season.

Throw-back Jersey?? More like Throw-UP Jersey!

Looking at this, I suspect the real reason African Americans didn't play in the NFL back in the 30's was because none of them would be caught dead wearing something this uncool.

"And now, Steeler fans, introducing your starting line-up. At Fullback...

Bumblebee Man!

"At Tight-end....


"...the girl from the No Rain video!"


"And starting Left Tackle...."


"...Antonio Banderas!"