Wanna get rich quick? You can either "A", buy a lottery ticket or "B", get front row center at every concert you go to!

The band Fishbone were recently ordered to pay a woman 1.4 million dollars over a stage diving injury.

During a 2010 performance in Philadelphia, vocalist/sax player Angelo Moore leapt from the stage into the crowd and landed on Kimberly Myers.  The band continued playing, unaware that Myers had been knocked out.  She was later found to have suffered a broken skull and collarbone.

In her ruling on the case, U. S. District Judge Jan DuBois said:

“Moore testified that every couple of months an ambulance is called to the concert venue.” He had also stated in a February 2011 deposition that the band doesn’t issue warnings about the act because it detracts from the show’s “theatrics.”

Myers claimed that she did not know that Fishbone were playing that night.

Stage diving has resulted in many injuries and, at a recent Suicidal Tendencies show in Switzerland, a man died as a  result of a stage dive.  What do you think about these stories?

Who's fault is it if someone gets hurt during a stage dive?