This is one of my favorite bands this year and I am excited they are going to be rocking the Balloonfest stage on Monday! Here are some of the songs I hope I get to hear live at Wet N Wild!


I know most people know the song "Bones" and love it, (mostly when I am not butchering it by screaming BONES!), but there are so many other great songs on their album that I think you need to be a fan of. Here are a few of my favorite on their album.

"Dearly Departed"

This is such a great song and one of my favorite songs on the album. I especially enjoying blasting it in the office to the extreme annoyance of a certain "Monster" Medina. I believe I am just doing my part to get him excited for this Monday. Check out the video and let me know, do you love this song as much as me?

"Towers (On My Way)"

This song has such a great sound and I can just imagine being in the pit getting crazy to this. Not to mention it has such a great line in it: "In my defense, I'm wasted." Can you really argue with that point? The video is awesome too just random scenes inside of a hotel room. I'd love to party with this band in a hotel room! Looks like fun to me!

"You Are Not"

This song has such a good message in it. I couldn't find the exact meaning of the lyrics for this song, but I can tell you the way I at least see this song. This song talks about the way so many people try to fit in and how they feel like they don't belong. But in reality, just because you don't fit in, doesn't make you any worse than those who do. You'll be just one of the many, rather than unique on your own.

"Brother In Arms"

Okay, so Lauren said three videos would be enough for this post but I couldn't help myself. This song makes me so happy every time I hear it. It reminds me of hanging out with my friends and knowing no matter what we'll always be together. I think this song is about the band and all that they do and experience while traveling and being together. I know this song is going to be awesome in concert!