When you have a roommate you get some awesome perks, like half bills to pay. But living alone is something I remember how good it can be. Here are some perks to living alone.


  • The Bathroom Is Always Free

    The worst feeling is when you have to pee, or need to take a shower and your roommate is in there taking their time. When you live alone, you can take long baths, or long bathroom breaks and no one is there to look down on you for the way you smell up the entire house for it. The dog doesn't care why should other people?

  • You Can Be Naked All The Time

    For some strange reason, doing chores in my underwear seems like a normal thing to do. Plus, when I'm running late or getting ready for something I can just jump out of the shower and not have to worry about company being over or covering up in front of the roomie. Even better when you have a significant other, you guys can roam the house the way you want and not worry about a roommate coming home and seeing you or them in the buff.

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  • All The Food In The Fridge Is Yours

    Never mind coming home to eat your favorite hummus, and finding out that the roomie ate the last of it and didn't buy more. At your house, whether you like keeping the fridge fully stocked or bare with just condiments, whatever is in your fridge and is for.

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  • You're Cleaning For Yourself

    Are you a slob? A neat freak? Try to clean at least once a week? When you live by yourself, you never need to worry about how your roommate is. You get to keep your space the way you like to keep it. It's up to you.

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  • Bills Are Paid When You Want Them Paid

    Instead of having to wait for someone to get the money together or not have it for a few weeks, you can pay the bills whenever you are ready. I like to pay them as soon as I get my check, but my roommate likes to do it on a different schedule. When you live alone it is up to you.

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  • Everything Is Always Where You Left It

    The worst thing is when you can't find your keys, or your favorite shoes where you left them. Your roommate may have gotten the cleaning bug and next thing you know, everything is just thrown into your room so she can put her decorative vase back on the table.

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  • You Can Watch Porn Anytime

    The worst feeling is when you are trying to have some "you time," and your roommate comes home from work. Way to give yourself some blue balls there! When you live alone, you can watch it all day with no interruptions. Although, you may have a problem if you actually want to do that.

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  • You Can Have Friends Over Whenever You Want

    The worst is when you are having a good time out with friends, and want to keep the party going at your house. Then, you get home and the roomie isn't feeling it and you have to tell everyone to leave. Or possibly worse, you are trying to get some sleep and your roommate comes home with a bunch of people and keeps you up all night with them. When you live alone, you are working with your own wants and schedules, not someone else's.

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  • You Can Pause The TV

    Sometimes when I am watching a movie, I want to go run and make food but my roommate is still watching. So I have to keep it going and sometimes miss important parts. Personally, the food is benefiting both of us not just me.

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  • No Scheduling

    You never have to take into account someone else's schedule. You can buy the groceries when you want, shower when you want, clean when you want and do basically anything you want on your own schedule. Living by yourself means you are the only person who will be held accountable in the house. So be messy or be clean, have food or don't, watch whatever you want and do whatever you want. It's your house you can do what you want.

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