I'm a big fan of guitar players, of pretty much any style. I'll go from Tosin Abasi to Ol Drake to Andy McKee to Pat Metheny. I love what you can do on the guitar. There are a lot of really good (and hot) female guitarists out there, who maybe don't get enough credit for playing that they should.

If you only glance at the videos because they're hot and then go away, you're really missing out on some great players!

Check out a few of the ladies I follow that can really play. Enjoy!

Nili Brosh

This girl has done her homework, studied at Berklee College of Music, and is in Tony MacAlpine's touring band, so you know she can shred. The new album she's recording features Virgil Donati and Brian Beller, so you know it'll kick ass.

Stephanie Pickard

Great guitar player, and she teaches at BandHappy.com. She's studied with Chris Broderick, Bruce Bouillet and Paul Gilbert, so you know she's learned a thing or two about the guitar.

Frantic Amber (Mary Säfstrand/Sandra Randi Stensen/Mio Jäger/Elizabeth Andrews)

A band full of attractive women who play really heavy metal. I think I can die in peace, now. I'm including Elizabeth Andrews in the list, because she's fantastic to look at, even though she's not one of the guitar players.

Elizabeth Schall

Lead singer and guitar shredder for the band DreamingDead, this chick kicks serious ass, and looks good doing it. Enjoy the heaviness and the playing.

Annie Grunwald

This girl can really shred. I wish I could play like her. Okay, I think a lot of us wish we could play like her. I've only recently started watching her videos, but they're really good, so check them out!

Sarah Longfield

I've been watching MissSmiles4U's videos for a while now. She likes the heavy stuff, and is one of the few female guitarists I see on YouTube playing 8-string guitars. She's not just doing djent stuff, either. Check her out. Good stuff!