The newest rocker in the book store is Corey Taylor!

The Slipknot/Stonesour voice has a new book coming out and there may be some new Slipknot music out soon also!  A live cd and a collection of Slipknots favorite covers! 

The book, titled "Seven Deadly Sins - Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good" was just released this week.  It's a complete, unabashed look at Coreys' life and his ups and downs. It covers the women, the drugs .. everything that has made Corey who and what he is today.  Done in different fashion than the usual rock bio; it looks at Corey in comparison to the 7 deadly sins.  'Sins' that Corey sees as more human characteristics than sins or 'donts'.  He says:

"my interpretation of the seven deadly sins is basically they're not sins at all. They are human characteristics that we all share . . . And it's me making that point of you can live with these urges, you can live with these hungers and still be a good person."

It will definately be an interesting read as Corey goes over the things he's done (good and bad) the people he's met (and sometimes hurt) and the band that he drove to the top!!

Read the whole article and catch a video of Corey discussing it at!