JEREMY LIN'S emergence as a basketball phenomenon has also exposed a surprising amount of racism.

After Lin and the Knicks lost to New Orleans an ESPN writer used the headline "Chink in the Armor." He has been fired.

I guess it's possible that this writer wrote the "Chink" headline without realizing that it could be read as an anti-Asian slur. Possible, but hard to believe.

When I read the story this morning, none of the news sources said what the racial slur actually was.  My imagination went wild...

Until I found out for certain later, I was sure that the offending headline had to be one of the following:

1.) Hornets Nip Knicks

2.) Lin Leads Knicks on Downward Slope

3.) Lin and Knicks "Sucky Sucky" in Loss to Hornets.

That last one would be a headline worth losing your job over.