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I Thought Buzz Said "Guns Don't Just Go Off by Themselves"?!?
Yes, I have said that. More precisely, I've said the movie trope of someone dropping a gun and then it going off doesn't happen to "any un-modified firearm in good repair manufactured within the last 100 years".
Since around the 1940's, gun manufacturers have put in s…
The After Buzz -- June 20, 2018
This week Brandon is joined by 'Wreck-It Randy' and Isaac Nanez to discuss a variety of topics including childhood movies and HGH use.
Babes of the Word Cup- Week 1
The World Cup kicked off last Thursday in Russia and soccer fans are ecstatic to show their support. We're excited to see all the beautiful women of the world.
Brandon's Wedding Blog -- Photographer -- Stephanie C. Perry
When my fiancee and I were first looking at planning our wedding, we knew that photographer was right at the top of the list. The photos will live on for a lifetime. So you want the right person to capture all the moments of your big day. We went with Stephanie C. Perry for our wedding.