Or should we be rocking at home ...  dealing with the hangover and/or finishing up the leftover beer and brats?  

Or ribs, steak ... whatever accompanied your beverage of choice yesterday during the Super Bowl.  (Which I must admit I LOVED!  Despite my Patriots not being there ... at least not on the field ... it was probably the most entertaining bowl I've ever seen!!  The runaway beginning, the power outage, that hellacious Frisco comeback ..... wow!)

Anyway, this brings up a question I ask every year.  This time however, with a new angle!

Should Super Bowl Monday be a holiday?

I heard an idea today that I think could bring this a little closer to reality.  Since Presidents Day is one of those holidays that's half over before most folks even realize it's on ... except for people buying furniture ... why don't we move it up a couple of weeks?  (Neither President was actually born on this day anyway.)  Why not designate it as the "Monday after Super Bowl Sunday" every year instead of the "3rd Monday in February"?

(We should also upgrade it to "Full - On Holiday" status.  One of those holidays everyone gets; not just bankers, feds and radio morning shows. Just sayin'...)

What do you think?