I know that after after paying my bills, getting groceries and Christmas presents I am running a little short on cash. I feel that there are more people out there who are feeling the same way this month. Because of this, here are some ways you can make the "I'm broke diet" staple of Ramen noodles more interesting! 

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Any way you want it, it seems to work in Ramen. You can scramble it into the broth to make it thicker, poach the egg, hard boil it make it like egg drop soup. Everywhere I looked I saw that this is favorite way people make their Ramen. This is the must try version for everyone.

Green Onion

This is another ingredient that seems to go well with any version of Ramen. Adds a little flavor that isn't overpowering. Dice it up and enjoy!

Red Pepper Flakes

I think these taste best in chicken or the pork flavor, but any flavor can benefit from a mild spice.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds taste great in the Oriental flavor Ramen. Because, lets be honest I think sesame seeds when I think of Oriental food.

Soy Sauce

This ingredient tastes amazing with just itself. You can even leave the flavor packet out if you want and just enjoy the soy sauce. Then you can double up on the flavor for the Ramen tomorrow night. Also great for cheap college students, because you can grab a bunch of these packets for free at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.

Hot Sauce (Sriacha for life!)

My sister Dea is the Queen of Sriacha. I have never met anyone that basically drinks Sriacha like water. Sriacha goes great on a lot of different things but Sriacha is to Ramen noodles what peanut butter is to jelly. They belong together.

Meat (any kind)

I'd recommend sticking with the kind of meat that the package says it is flavored like. Also, you can go to the deli and ask for meat that will expire soon (it's cheap), cook it, dice it then freeze the meat you are not going to use in the Ramen. That way, you have a freezer full of cooked, diced meat ready to toss in any Ramen you want.


I know, I know if you're short on cash vegetables aren't the cheapest thing to get. Instead, when you are doing financially better, get frozen vegetables. These don't go bad as fast as fresh veggies and you can portion them out with the meat, so whenever you have to eat Ramen, you get a healthy portion of meat and veggies.


If you have any, it makes the Ramen creamier. Add the milk after you have cooked the Ramen. Add a splash or add a lot. It's up to you!

Government Cheese

Seriously though, anyone who has had the honor of eating Chico's Tacos knows what this tastes like. For some reason, it is still a favorite. Even regular cheese works in the noodles too. Melt it on top of the other ingredients and mix!