For the record, if Buzz ever tried this I would NEVER allow it. How can this even be thought of as funny?


Opie and Anthony have a syndicated radio show out of New York that airs on Sirius XM and even have their own channel. This video has gone viral recently, which is surprising considering the video is from 2006. The video came to light Saturday when Opie pulled it out of the archives and reminisced on the good old days of shock radio. Instead of the laughter and fond memories he thought it would give the audience, someone posted the video on Reddit under the title, "This guy's an a**hole."

People are upset over the fact that the homeless man is willing to share his cake with the radio hosts and instead, Opie jumps on the cake and smashed it in front of the man. Incredibly tacky and hurtful I don't see the humor in this bit at all. I thought this must be the only time they have ever done some this despicable but no, I am sadly wrong.

The Opie and Anthony show also did a bit called the "Homeless Talent Show" where they smashed a contestant's guitar. The look on the woman's face is horrible. To think they abuse people like this is awful. Do you think this is funny or cruel? Would you enjoy hearing things like this on the radio? Watch the videos below and decide for yourself.