Move over Beyonce, these three women work a black leotard like metal goddesses!

Aneta Cybulska , Izabela Iskierka and Katarzyna Wójcik have created a unique dance routine to Behemoth's "Alas, Lord is Upon Me". The cool thing about this video isn't just the great eye candy but that there's finally a dance routine to Death Metal.

Their routine has all the great dance moves including pelvic thrusts, hair flips and even twerking. Miley Cyrus may have ruined that dance move but these girls are here to revive the sexiness of twerking.

When I was luckily enough to see Jane's Addiction perform in Albuquerque, they brought out some of the sexiest dancers. They even had girls performing a human suspension act! It made me cringe but was amazed to watch them swing over the crowd with nothing but hooks ripping through their back! I think Behemoth needs to sign these girls up to take on tour or just for some private lessons.