The zombie virus doesn't discriminate!

I think if they make zombie men they should make zombie women but you could take out that she turned into a zombie because she was a whore!

Alexa, is one of the many awesome zombie targets created by zombie industries. She is the only girl zombie available but did anger some women when she was first released on April 1st. She originally was called "The Ex" target and a lot of people thought this target was just a cruel April Fool's Day prank.

Well if it is, the joke is still going and people are continuing to be angry! I think it's just a target that some heartbroken jerk decide to create and wrote a cute little biography on her being with many men on Mardi Gra night, which led to her being cursed as a zombie thanks to voodoo magic.

Zombie Industries did have to pull one zombie target that looked like President Obama months ago but have kept Alexa on the site. You can have sexy zombie Alexa for only $89.99!

These zombie creators aren't heartless, they did publish a statement right above Alexa's biography to let customers know, " Zombie Industries realizes the the Zombie virus can affect any living creature regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or species. The Zombie virus does not discriminate and neither does Zombie industries".