Are you ready to rock the carnival of madness tour?

It all kicks off August 18th at the Don Haskins Center. Chicks rock, Dudes rock and just a full day of kick-azz rock. Don’t want to buy tickets? Win them in our VIP section.

Lets break it down:

Halestorm: Lizzy Hale and the rest of the band love El Paso and are just down to earth rockers that want to make sure you the rock fan have the best experience possible during there show.

Check out there new video, "I miss the Misery"

Evanescence: Everyone that listens to me knows I have a problem with Amy Lee and the crap she brought to the rock world years ago. Since then, she has put her legs together and started to really rock. Evanescence is a great addition to this show and I look forward to her showing her fans what she can bring to the city.

Check out my favorite Evanescence video:

Chevelle: This band has been on the top 5 at 5  a lot with their tunes. Hats of to the bull and face to the floor. Chevelle will bring a punch to this show that the females just can't. Don't get mad at me for that statement because like it or not, it's true.

Check out my favorite Chevelle video:

Cavo: This band has had my attention since their very first video for the song Champagne. Because of their sound and musical influences, they are sometimes classified as post-grunge but I classify them as kick-azz rock. This will be there first time in El Paso so make sure we show them much love so they will return again and again.

Check out my favorite Cavo video:

And now, Last but not least

New Medicine: People ask me, Ronson, who is this New Medicine band? Well, New Medicine is a band from my home state of Minnesota dontcha knoooowwwwww. The band consists of four members, Matt Brady (bass), Dan Garland (lead guitar), Ryan Guanzon (drums), and Jake Scherer (lead vocals/rhythm guitar). Again, this is another band new to the Sun City so let’s get out and show them the rock love that only we here in El Paso can show them.

Check out my favorite New Medicine video:


It's the Carnival of Madness Tour fueled by Monster Energy.

Let’s pack the Haskins center and rock our monkey azz off!!!