Don't forget your pets this Holiday Season!!

If you remember the big freeze that happened about a year ago, We ended up with three cats outside the KLAQ studio's. Well, after about a year, One died, One was stolen but the third one remained hangin here.

I felt so bad that i have brought food from home and even dug through the nasty fridge here at work to keep her/him (aint lookin down there) alive and as comfortable as possible. With Christmas here and the weather turning colder each night, It was time to make ASPCA stay here more permanent.

My friend Jack Quarles (who has a heart bigger then he lets on) decided for Christmas he would buy cat food and a bowl to eat out of. Because every dog and cat that live inside peoples homes has there name on the bowl, We decided to name this cat ASPCA, That's whats on the bowl. Then I went and got a box to get her/him out of the wind. Whom wants to lay on a cardboard box? OK, maybe the homeless but not ASPCA!!!!   I even put a seat cushion in the home. (I found it here in the studio and I believe it belongs to Duke Kieth).

So, remember all of your animals this Christmas and take time out to take care of a lonely animal that just needs a hand up!!!!