Thank you again for all that you all do for us!!

Wednesday, November 6th, the Madison Square Garden Theater was the place to be. Bruce Springsteen auctioned off the guitar off his shoulder for $250,000 to benefit the wounded service men and women at the "Stand Up For Heroes" event.

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters played once again with a band featuring wounded veterans and local hero Springsteen. Waters, whose had family members in the past serve in the military: Father was killed in World War II and his grandfather in World War I, brought nearly a dozen veterans onstage with him to sing and play the guitar, some missing limbs. (Songs included were: Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah', John Lennon's 'Imagine', Sam Cooke's ' A Change Is Gonna Come' and Waters own 'Comfortably Numb').

Here in El Paso, the city is built around Ft. Bliss, so we are used to being around military. When you get used to seeing them all the time you forget how many of them are not here. Those that you do see, deserve a hug, a handshake, a beer … mostly your gratitude. I know you miss your loved ones … but to those and the ones that are now here with us – You guys stood up for us, you bled for us, you died for us and I thank you and will always have you in my heart and in my prayers!

You can see the whole show here. It was beautiful and very touching.



Again, thank you all and my thoughts and prayers go out to you all here, over there and everywhere. Much love and here's to you!