....Ok so YES I'm one of those people wanting to lose weight this coming year, BUT for those of you who know me I'm a very "health conscious" individual! SO, I plan to spread what I know and what I MORE learn about losing weight... I will (against my best judgement) bear the "Inside Truth" of YOURS TRULY! So, if you're still reading ....WHICH YOU SHOULD BE!!! Then, you 1. are a smart person for following Moi! and 2. are desperate and willing to follow my advice for leaner, meaner, & SEXIER YOU!! As I'm sure most people go through year in and year out we have many important events to hit up! I, myself, have 2 weddings this year to attend/ be a part of! As most women, (and YES! Some men!) know its important to look great and FEEL great for these occasions! Plus, come on! Who DOESN'T like to look in the mirror and wanna jump the reflection??....*chirp chirp*.... Nevermind,lol! Well, Yesterday (1-17-12) was the start of my "road to my rockin body" and ugh!! I am BEAT!! But hey it's worth it! Hope everyone follows along and gets positive results! At the end of my 4 month weightloss goal, I will give you my before and after stats! Ok and as I begin this blog keep in mind a few things OK? I'm not a doctor nor am I claiming to be one, or ANY KIND of Physician! From start of this series of postings till end: Any of the exercise, nutrition, supplement, & health information provided in this blog are for educational and entertainment purposes only, and are not to be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action. Please keep in mind people!! As with anything in this WORLD and life! Use COMMON SENSE! Also, Please read through the Townsquare Media's Terms of Use policy. Just know that your liable for YOUR OWN actions based on the info I post! Remember, there are almost MILLIONS of diets, plans and programs out there and available. What works for one doesn't always work for another! Sorry that's just life people! ..... LMAO ok! now that all the serious "schtuff" is aside hope that my "knowledge and wisedom" *lol* does help you as I am sure it will for ME! Cheers to success!