Political praise and rock don't always go hand in hand.  In fact, if a POTUS gets mentioned at all by a rocker, it's almost always a slam!

It's Presidents Day so, while you're out saving big bucks on mattresses and cars today, be sure you take a moment to remember them.  Not every President deserves to be honored, but for the handful that have really earned a national day of respect and thanks, Cheers!

Presidents typically get painted in a dim light by rockers.  It's rare they'll write a tune about one they admire.  But if they DON'T like one; look out!

Here are a few presidential dittys for your listening/viewing pleasure. Can you figure out which Prez (or Prez's) is being singled out in each one?  Got any others?  Post them below or on The Q facebook page!!

We begin with Punk Godfathers, The Ramones!

It's no secret that Ted Nugent isn't a big fan of the current POTUS, but it's not the first time Terrible Ted has gone after one musically!  (Politicians in general get it in this NSFW vid!)

Finally, an over the top slam at, well .... all of 'em I guess, from Alice Cooper!