Everyone can't get enough of the Rob Ford smoking crack confession, so why not make his famous quotes into a catchy song?

DJ Steve Porter has remixed Ford's smoking crack quotes with Jay Z's "Tom Ford" song to create one of the hottest YouTube videos right now. This song will put you in the mood to smoke anything you want!

If you aren't feeling this crack filled song, you will enjoy the hilarious clips of Ford making a fool out of himself. My favorite would have to be the one where he falls on his butt, HARD!

The jokes just keep on coming as things continue to heat up around Ford and all we can hope if that more of his family members come out with better crazy antics.

What I really want to see is Ford and Miley Cyrus rapping and twerking together, while dancing with "molly" and being in a "drunken stupor."

At least he can look into rapping if this mayor job doesn't work out. Check out his sweet lyrical skills!