UTEP students head back to class tomorrow! Last week on the KLAQ Morning Show, we discussed how tuition is going to cost your first born child in a few years and if a degree is even worth it anymore! This guy explanation of why college sucks, is something I hear at least twice a semester. Watch out for some harsh language!

I am not looking forward to the first day of class where everyone has to act like they care about their classmates and teachers summer adventures. We are paying crazy amounts of money for an education yet when we get out into the real world we struggle for jobs and it probably will take many years for us to pay back what we owe.

Comedian Steve Greene has posted a video on why he believes college sucks and has some valid points. He doesn't have a degree yet the people that work for him do. If you are majoring in theater, he will probably make you cry after watching this video. This does make me question my future when I graduate in May but I knew a degree in multimedia journalism wasn't going to make me a millionaire.

Check out Greene's rant and comment if you agree. Do you think a college degree is worth it anymore?