We all make them and break them.

New Year's Resolutions is a very popular commitment that everyone makes to better themselves or to reform a habit (or habits ... because we all have more than one).

Here are my top 5 New Year's Resolutions I hear people make every year. Unfortunately, a few months in, said goals/projects mysteriously vanish.


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We set this goal and follow it until the first relative annoys us. I guess we just have to have a little bit more patience with our family as they have a lot of patience for us!


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There was that time you had to stop attending school because you had to work in order to get that expensive car part, or maybe because of a new addition to the family or you just needed a break. Every year you say you're gonna go back and never do. The beauty of it now, is that you can take the computer courses from home. Unless you're like me and 'have to' be in a classroom in order for it to register right.


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We are all guilty on this one (even myself). We promise ourselves even as a non-new year's resolution that we will cut down on the booze. Of course, we also make that promise to ourselves as we're in the bathroom floor hugging our porcelain friend smelling like a dead goat.


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This is another one of the New Years Resolutions I've heard over and over ... followed by the sentence, 'Ya got a lighter?'

And the #1 (which is very obvious): GET FIT / LOSE WEIGHT / EAT HEALTHIER

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It has to be the number one New Year's Resolution of all time that everyone makes (and breaks for that matter). I know I am guilty of it, as I have once again made it (of course, for me ... I always start on 'Monday' ... never really specify which one though).


The way I look at it is that we don't need to make New Year's Resolutions time after time, all we need to do is enjoy life more and share the positiveness with others. While you're there ... take care of your body and get healthy and don't do it for anyone else ... do it for yourself.

Happy New Year's to everyone!! Hope that "if" you did make some New Year's Resolutions, you keep with them and take it one step at a time.