Drummer, composer and only constant member of the band Pink Floyd, Nick Mason turns 70 today!

Nicholas Berkeley 'Nick' Mason was born in Birmingham and raised in Hampstead. He studied at Regent Street Polytechnic where he got together with Roger Waters, Bob Klose and Richard Wright in 1964 to form Sigma 6 ... after came Pink Floyd with a change in some members.

Mason has not only been the only constant member of Pink Floyd, but he also co-wrote some songs and has been the drummer on every single Pink Floyd album, not every song, but every album.

Even after all the legal issues that began in 86, Mason and Waters are in good terms. Mason actually joined Waters the last two nights of his 2002 world tour and played drums for the Pink Floyd song, 'Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun'. He also joined Waters for his European tour in 2006 and in Los Angeles and New York. On July 2005, Mason, Gilmour, Wright and Waters played together after a long 24 years.

Mason rarely played any other instrument other than the drums. He did take some failed piano and violin lessons as a kid. In 2012, he performed in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Mason is now married to his second wife and has four children, two from his previous marriage. His ultimate favorite hobby is motor racing. He owns and races several classic cars and has even competed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

A very talented and bright man ... Happy Birthday Nick Mason!!