Who are all the members of your band, and what do they play?


ERIC - vocals,lead guitar
VIC - bass
KIKI - drums, vocals

When did the band get together, and how?

Eric and Kiki's paths crossed in 2007 thru a mutual friend. formed UNIFIED2DEFY(U2D) Then in late 2009. Each took off for individual musical experiences!!! Eric formed TEXAS CROSSROADS with 3 other local musicians!! And in early 2010 kiki joined up with suicide romance till mid 2012. Then eric @ kikis paths crossed again.Eric had OUTTRAGE going already!!! Their drummer left so eric asked kiki bk!! and thats wher OUTTRAGE lies 2day!

How would you describe your music to someone?

Our music is based on lifes experiences!!! LOTS OF RYTHM!!!LOTS OF FEEL!! BUT ITS ALL FRM THE HEART!

Who are some of the bands that influence your music?

zakk wylde,jimi hendrix,neil peart, tommy lee, buddy rich, stewart copeland, joey jordison, black sabbath,suicidal tendencies, megadeth, metallica,rev theory, green day, tool, the cult, ozzy, janes addiction, chili peppers are among many of the influences for us.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Our most memorable gig as of rite now. would hve been the speaking rock gig on sept 11th last year!!! emotional time for everybody!!

rite now we r only in the OUTTRAGE setting!!

Are you currently signed to any kind of label or management?

We r currently unsigned

What other bands have your members been/are in?

former bands include UNIFIED 2 DEFY!! TEXAS CROSSROADS!! @ suicide romance!!

What other local bands would you recommend people check out?

We recommend FIXED IDEA< THE SNAPPY CROTCH KICKS(SCK)<THE NOBODYS<VOYUER<YEARS OF COLD< for ppl to go chk out!! ALSO pinstripe monkey

Where can people contact you to book you for shows?

Contact eric 915-790-6634 for booking