No, I'm serious. No moshing, wall of death, circle pits, or any type of movement in the pit that can cause bodily harm.


Now, most of you must be thinking, "Eff that! You are NOT going to tell this punk rock/metal head/ stoned hippie/whoever what to do! This is Warped Tour the ultimate punk rock summer camp!" But alas, this is true. At least for the bands.

Turns out, this year the bands had to sign agreements with Vans Warped Tour stating that they will not ask their crowds to start any type of organized activity inside of the pit. There are too many insurance issues that arise from this. When I look back at all the years I have been going to Warped Tour, I can think of several instances where the bands did indeed tell the crowds to get crazy and mess each other up in there. So where did this new law come from? Enter in the up and coming bad ass band Bring Me The Horizon.

The band Bring Me The Horizon is actually being sued right now by a 12 year old fan's family for injuries she acquired in the pit at one of their concerts. Because of this, the band's lead singer, Ollie Sykes, tweeted this on Saturday:


After this, fans were asking him why and what does this mean to which he responded, "Too many parents suing." Now, since this huge story erupted, that second tweet has been taken down and was replaced earlier today by this tweet:


I personally don't believe that the band is not being sued. Why would he even bring it up if it wasn't true?

I am a little offended that Warped Tour doesn't believe that a mosh pit is necessary for a crowd to have a good time. And in regards to this 12 year old girl, maybe you shouldn't be in the pit at a metal show in the first place unless you are ready to take a small beating in the pit. I've had black eyes, bruises, bloody noses, and more injuries than I can think of in a pit. But that is MY CHOICE. I choose to get in there and get messy and try to hit as many people as possible. That is what a rock concert is for! That is where you go when you are angry, or sad, or excited, or happy, or bored, or whatever your reason for going. You are there to be with the people just like you and get a little dirty in the crowd. But for a concert to tell you there are too many "concerns" so the bands can't form a wall of death? That's garbage in my opinion. I'm not the biggest fan of the wall of death but you know what I do? I GET OUT OF THE PIT. I don't stand there to get attacked by all these sweaty, crazy, tattooed up guys. I get the hell out of the way.

There is my angry rant for the day. What do you think? Is Warped Tour crazy to ban bands from starting riots in the pit? Or is safety a real issue? Comment below! And because I love the anarchy in a pit here is Exodus making an AMAZING wall of death at a concert. I'm going to miss these days...