Michael Sam, Missouri's All-American defensive lineman, has publicly announce he is gay, before he enters the NFL draft. He will be the first publicly gay pro-football player in the NFL and plenty of players are supporting him. Sam will enter a league of overtly macho culture and plenty of controversy, so will this move benefit him?

Some NFL draft forecasters have predicted Sam to be chosen in the third round. He will be headed to the scouting combine to show his skills through the gauntlet of physical and mental tests that allow everyone to judge his readiness for the NFL.

After all the controversy in the past year involving some players stating some antigay comments, even one New Orleans Saints player saying he didn't want a gay teammate, Sam is still receiving plenty of support from the NFL organization and players. His honestly with the public seems to be getting him plenty of positive attention and could hopefully help some players lose their homophobic attitudes. Sam shares his story in this video and it's pretty inspirational.