With the New Year, everyone has resolutions, but what about the Superstition side of things? Many superstitions are associated with the event that engaging in, on the 1st day of the year will set the pattern for the year to come.

Here is a few superstitions that I kind of follow.

1. Kissing at Midnight: We kiss our loved ones at midnight to share the moment of celebration, but to also ensure affections and love will continue throughout the year.






2. Pay off Bills: The New Year should not begin with personal debt. Try to pay off as many bills you may have.

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3. Breaking of anything:  Avoid breaking anything on the first of the year. If you do, bad luck will follow you all year. The reason we sever everything in paper plates and cups.






4. Wear something new: Wearing something new on the 1st, thus helping in the luck factor to get new clothes throughout the year .

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5. Food: In our house, we always put out a bowl of fresh fruits, few cups of dried beans, rice and bottled water. This insures that our home always has the basic necessities. At midnight we eat 12 grapes to also help with the luck of plenty.

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What superstitions do you have ?