I posted the "lyric" video (along with an interview video) for a new Stonesour track earlier this week.  Now, I have the real video for you!

The latest release from "House Of Gold & Bones Pt. 1" is titled "Gone Sovereign".  When Corey isn't Slipknot-ting, THIS is what he does ... and I'm starting to question which one I like more!

I wish I could make a crowd appear like that .... my bosses would LOVE me!!

(Question for all you Static X and Sons Of Anarchy fans ... doesn't the guitarist look like a cross between Wayne and Opie??)

For more news about Corey and Stonsour, check out the blog I posted Monday.   They're also streaming another new track called "RU486" these days.  Listen to it (Careful ... F - Bomb Alert!!) and catch up on all the other Stonesour-ness by clicking here!