OK, this could be a fun, on-going feature.  I'll give you bizarre picture that would seemingly have no rational explanation whatsoever.   See if you can guess "The f*&#'s going on in this picture.

Today's is a doozy. No cheating, now...


Okay, give it a shot. What the f&*%'s going on in this picture?  Oh, and whatever you decide to guess is not going to be as fucked up as the real answer. Click on the jump for the explanation....

This lady is the Cultural Minister of Sweden. The lady laughing and holding the fork , that is, not the lady poking her head up through a hole and eating the cake.

The Swedish Minister of Culture looks like she's having a ball! All the Swedish people watching also look very tickled by the proceedings.  But..."the f#&@'s going on here???

It's the Swedish minister of culture cutting up a taxpayer-funded cake baked to look like a racist caricature of a black woman

Fine. But why is there a racist caricature of a black woman in the first place??

That is the real kicker to this story.

at the opening of an exhibit about the horrors of female circumcision

Holy Hottentot, I shit you not!

"Hey, Dagmar, you know we're having that big exhibit about the horrors of female circumcision and the Cultural Minister wants something to really give it a little va-va-vooom."

"You don't mean..."


"You get the german chocolate, I'll make a nose bone out of confectioner's sugar."


Well, that was insensitive and horribly racist but at least they didn't make it look like a victim of female circumcision then got gnawed on by zombies.


People of Sweden: I hereby apologizing for anytime I've ever accused you of being a nation of well-educated and polite social-democrats.