Dave Grohl is at it again; bringing us new music, new stories and a new HBO series!

I don't think Dave Grohl sleeps.  I really don't.  When the f*** does he have time?  Writer, author, documentary filmmaker, musician, producer.  Geez, what's next? Plumber?

Anyway, Foo Fighters producer Butch Vig has announced that the new Foo Fighters disc is DONE and that there is an HBO special coming our way.  See, recording a new cd wasn't enough for Dave and company.  They decided to record each song in a different city, traveling all over America to do it and filming all the while.

Each city not only brought a new feel to the work they did, but also "locals" like Rick Nielsen, Joe Walsh and more!  All the video footage was made into the HBO series "Sonic Highways" which premieres October 17th.

Look for Foo Fighters to hit the road around November.