Seven in ten women say they have been hurt by a cheater. According to the Dailymail, a study of 2,000 women looked at their experiences with men to come up with a list of untrustworthy mens name.

One in ten say they are currently dating a man accused of being a 'love rat' aka a cheater, regardless of their seedy reputation., conducted the study, said: 'It's telling that the top three names women try to avoid are also the names of well-known celebrity cheaters."

1. Wayne
2. Liam
3. Ryan
4. Matt
5. Craig
6. Steve
7. Scott
8. Dean
9. Mark
10. Lee
11. Harry
12. Ashley
13. Nick
14. Daniel
15. John
16. Sean
17. Darrell
18. Tom
19. James
20. Jack

Daniel, John, Sean, Darrell, Tom and James didn't make the list but were pretty popular.

I think this list needs mexican names on there like Freddy, Mando and Pablo.