I went to hang out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this past weekend. The weather was amazing and I got sunburned while swimming. Honestly some strange things happened at the hotel while we were visiting. Check it out!

My friend and I went to go to Dallas to hang out and have sex fun. We will discuss that later but we arrived late to the hotel. To our surprise we were upgraded to a room with a view we were told.

I really enjoyed the weather and although it was cloudy I still managed to get a sunburn and look like a baby seal.


I had some Mexican food while on my visit and well this is what they gave me. A soft flour tortilla, dry rice and beans from a can. Good news: I did see my potential soul mate. He was smiling at me from across the room. He walked up to our table and served us our chips and salsa. I'm thinking of calling and asking for him but that might be too strange.

We had a good time overall. My friend met a random guy in the lobby of the hotel from India who was a virgin and she slept with him. Hopefully she didn't come back with anything. I brought back some stuff.