The coolest thing here at SXSW? Playing Where's Waldo: Dave Grohl edition! Here's why I want to find him next.

Since I have been here at SXSW everyone keeps telling me how they have seen Dave Grohl all around town doing the most normal, and awesome things. Courtney Nelson (former Program Director for KLAQ): "Oh yeah, I saw Dave Grohl right now getting into a taxi." The next thing I did was hold back every urge to run downstairs just to see if maybe traffic had him still at the light.

Almost every band that we have had on the show this week have seem him as well on their way up to our room for the interview. I may be the only person now who HASN'T seen the wonder man! Yesterday's  activities included going downstairs after the show, having a cup of coffee and people watching for a bit. People I did see? I have no idea. I have learned at SXSW that everyone here looks famous and they are important. Apparently I don't know what important people look like in the first place.

So here are a few reasons I want to find this international man of mystery ( I guess he wouldn't be international, since he's from Seattle and all).

1. He gets down with the fans. He's been spotted at different concerts, rocking in the pit with everyone else. Not standing in the VIP or being one of those celebrity idiots. He's one of us.



4. Dave Grohl got caught at a Backstreet Boys concert, loves the Asian interviews and likes Extra gum. I'm not lying. Check out the outtakes from an interview he did.

5. He hosts my favorite show, "Chelsea Lately" all the time. And is probably my favorite of the guest hosts. Here's an example why:

6. He's a good dad.


7. He likes to drink. And we all know I like to party! We would make a good team out here at SXSW.