Everyone's family has different traditions of what they like to do for the holidays. Let us know what your favorite tradition is and I'll let you know mine!

Flickr User DavGoss

Every Christmas my family loves to go to the movies together. We all fight over which movie we want to see, but in the end it's usually my mother who wins. This year, we have decided to go see Les Miserables since my mother wants to make us all bawl our eyes out for some reason.

We also always make home made cookies from scratch. My mother could possibly be the best baker in the world. At least in my opinion and anyone who has ever tasted her invention cookies where she takes an ordinary recipe and makes it extraordinary. Now, she usually wants me and my sister to help but were too busy harassing the family dogs and entertaining my dad. But she always bakes and make the best food a daughter could ask for. It makes me thankful for our family and the traditions I have grown to love every year. So thanks mom for being awesome!

So what's your family tradition? Making tamales, baking cookies, family games, or family fights? If we were at my grandmother's house that last one would probably apply. Lets us know what your family likes to do for the holidays.