Its been a while.

My Bloody Valentine has released their new album "m b v" Saturday night via their website.

Their last album "Loveless" was released back in 1991, so it was definitely a shock when bandleader, Kevin Shields announced back in November that their new album was to be released before the end of the year. The album was delayed and released this Saturday, February 2nd.

The band posted a simple announcement on their Facebook page stating:

"We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening. We will make an announcement as soon as its up."

Once the band released their album on their website Saturday night, their page crashed due to heavy traffic. (I guess people were overly excited about the new album, which by the way is pretty cool! I heard a couple of songs and its awesome.)

Here's a sneak to one of the songs from their new album "m b v":