I was thinking about the wind today and how much it sucks when you're riding!!

Sand (or "whatever") hitting your eye/ face/head at 160mph kinda sucks. (There's the 80mph you're already doing plus the 80mph the winds blowing at ...)

Therefore ... for those who don't ride "lidded" all the time ... helmet season has begun!!  Here are a few pretty cool ones I found.  Some are really cool paint jobs; others are true works of art! 

Seen any good ones lately?  Helmets that is .... post 'em below or email them to me!  ggarza@klaq.com

Don't forget, The El Paso Coaltion Of Clubs meets tonight at the American Legion Hall on Shell!  7pm ... come by and have a bite, a drink or both and see what the COC is up to these days!  All are welcome!

Hope to see you there!