KLAQ rocks Motorcycle Monday!! Lots to talk about today ... and LOTS of special stuff in this end of season blowout-blog!!

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It is finished. Done. All over.  (Except for the parties and the quiet sobs of James Stewart. The poor guy really should have had a dream season, but instead outraced himself and let personal issues distract him.) Sam Boyd Stadium was rocking saturday for the AMA Supercross finals and 3rd place takes it all .... Ryan Villopoto is 'da man for '11!!

Kind of a cool starting line for this one. Riders actually launched from OUTSIDE the stadium, so when they entered Sam Boyd .. and the audiences view .. they were flyyyyyying!! Afer the opening ceremonies and an Air Force flyover, it was right to business. The first race being the lites east main event! Bagget brings home the gold for 2011 with Ryan Sipes in scond and Barcia third!!

Bar to bar in the Lites west ... an insane race that winds up being won by Kenny Roczen. Broc Tickle gets 2nd, Kyle Cunningham 3rd!! Helluvan end to a helluva season for those guys!

The east west shootout is all Sipes and he takes the glory this day!!

Supercross ..

Heat 1 is all Bubba, (but he's down far enough in points thanks to an unforgiving season, that he's not really even in the running at this point) Heat 1 is his though!

Heat 2 sees Reed blasting into the arena, but with a little to much blast! No time to brake screaming into that first turn and he's off the track!!

If an absolute miracle occurs, Stewart may have a chance. And I mean MIRACLE. A saint is going to have to appear and turn fuel into wine or something!  He's held on though and the final 4 in this race are the 4 horseman ... Reed , Villopto, Dungey and James 'Bubba' Stewart. Villopoto the only 1 of the 4 that has NOT won a Supercross championship. This could be the year ...

Stewart leading for a bit, but .... big surprise .... crashes in lap 7. Windham winds up joining him and they both need a little help getting up. Windham leaves the track .. pissed. Stewart pulls off as well. The nice thing about Bubbas luck in the last 2 races is; he's had the best spots to WATCH the final events unfold!

Villopoto, Dungey and Reed are in a MAJOR dogfight ... but Villopoto, perhaps learning something from Bubbas whacked out season?? ... reads the points and rides smart, not hard. (ya' know .. if Stewart had tried that; it could have been a different season all together!) Taking a 3rd place finish, he earns enough points to stay out front and is the new king!!!!!!!

Who really got the checkered flag?? Reed and Dungey fight to the bitter end; but there can be only one. And it's Reed!! Dungey 2nd.


It may have only been a 4 point margin, but it's enough. Smart Ryan, very smart. Bubba, did you see that??

Practice video and rider commentary from supercross.com are below .. check 'em out!!





This weekend; my Bros and I had a blast at The Cremators MC "Run For The Clause"; to benefit the US Armys' Operation Santa Clause. They're building up their supplies to help needy kids this Christmas and will continue in that effort all year. If you'd like to donate a new .. or even used .. toy; you can leave them at any El paso area Fire Station!!  Lots of bikes, lots of fun and the party at the end of the run was over the top. Thanks to all who attended and helped out and extra special thanks to Mulligans North and Incredibles bar for your generosity and your help in making it all happen.

There it went; Motorcycle Monday!! The fastest couple of minutes in radio! Supercross may be done, but the racing continues and the updates will as well thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports and KLAQ!!

Check out the points standings, pictures and more race details here at supercross.com!!