NORML ... National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws ... may soon have an El Paso chapter!!

NORML has chapters all over the country, with each group (obviously) seeking to reform marijuana laws and progress is being made.  Washington State and Colorado have recently radically changed their laws regarding the use and possesion of marijuana. (Essentially legalizing it.) Other states have modified their laws and I really hope Texas will be next! (I've never felt marijuana was any worse for anyone than a beer or a cigarette and those things have been legal ... though regulated ... for years.)

Anyway, if you want to know more about NORML or want to do more about changing Texas' stance regarding marijuana laws, today is the day!  There will be a meeting this afternoon (9/7/13) at La Terraza, 11250 Montwood, beginning at 1pm.

The latest update on the NORML facebook page gives the following info:

An English-Spanish translator will be available at this meeting. Please join us for lunch and a discussion of the statewide strategy for legalization in Texas! Texas NORML's Executive Director, Cheyanne Weldon, will be in town and hopes to meet with people who are interested in forming and supporting a NORML chapter in El Paso. We desperately need a presence in all areas of the state in order to affect change. Please come out, bring your friends and family, and share this event with anyone you know in the area. A legalized market is beneficial for everyone in our society, including children, parents, law enforcement, teachers, veterans, the elderly, EVERYONE. We must stop wasting our resources and funds on destroying individuals and families for a non-violent activity.

Food and Drinks are for order at your own expense. Information and networking for free!

Our goal: To end prohibition where it started!

By the way, El Paso is where the prohibition of marijuana began.  It really would be cool if EP turns out to be where it ends!